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This ‘DRIVER NOTICE’ sign is used to help manage vehicular traffic and improve driver and pedestrian safety. Car Clamping signs must provide a clear warning and must be highly visible to the public Other information which may be provided on the clamping sign: –> parking permit must be displayed –> specified clamp release fee must be paid –> name and contact telephone number for the car park operator/manager and the parking enforcement contractor –> estimated time to process the clamp release –> appeals procedure for clamped motorists available

Genuine industrial Product.

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This Parking  Sign  has effective messages to address parking procedures and traffic concerns. A Parking  Sign  is a helpful resource to aid in the protection of the health and safety of staff, and is not an alternative for required protective measures for eliminating or reducing hazards.

It also help keep your facilities’ parking area safe with parking and traffic signs. Post signs to indicate no parking, ADA only parking or do no enter signs to help prevent traffic backup. Install traffic signs in warehouses to help alert forklift workers or others to pedestrian traffic. Count on Safety Nigeria to help provide traffic signs to help keep your facility safer.

Constant diligence is required of facility managers whose responsibilities include ensuring that facility safety signage is frequently assessed, kept current and replaced when necessary. Safety Nigeria carries signs that are engineered for durability and safety on surfaces such as oily drums that are close to electrical circuits, and even on freezing pipes. As OSHA and other agencies specify the way signs are to be attached, Safety Nigeria’s wide variety of material and mounting styles makes compliance easy.

Clearly inform of restricted access parking on your site

  • Enforce parking policy with the clear ‘Private’ message

  • Help to control nuisance parking

  • Made from weather-resistant materials

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Acrylic, Aluminium Composite


150mm x 200mm, 200mm x 300mm, 300mm x 450mm, 400mm x 600mm, 600mm x 900mm, 800mm x 1200mm

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