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Prohibition signs are designed to let the workforce and visitors know what they can and cannot do in the building. This could be due to health and safety regulations or just in-house requirements. The advantage of a photoluminescent prohibition sign is that even if the electricity goes off and the building is in darkness, the signs will still be visible to staff and visitors.

The signs are available in self-adhesive vinyl, making them perfect for applying to windows, doors and other smooth surfaces. The plastic signs can be fixed to the walls if required and are easily removed when no longer needed.


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prohibition sign is a safety sign prohibiting behaviour likely to cause a risk to health and safety. These health & safety signs are required to be red show only what or who is forbidden. Prohibition safety signs generally depicted a black safety symbol in a red circle with a diagonal cross through.

Lasting Impressions range of Photoluminescent Prohibition Signs help you to restrict specific activities within the workplace. They offer clear and easily understood instructions to guests, visitors and employees throughout their visit to your premises. Featuring a range of legible images and written messages, these signs can be distributed throughout your building, ensuring they are always on hand when needed. They are suitable for all environments and industries, from schools and offices through to retail properties and hospitals. In turn, the glow in the dark feature is particularly suitable for low light environments or in the event of a power cut.

The signs feature a luminescent coating which charges throughout the day. Using the energy from either natural or artificial light, they are able to emit a glow. In darker environments, this ensures the information displayed on them can still be read and turns them into a location marker. The use of clear imagery throughout and recognisable shapes makes the message even easier to digest. Where relevant, bold font has been used to display messages such as, ‘In the event of fire, do not use this lift’ and ‘This is a no smoking area’. In addition, we also stock ‘No Entry’ signs to restrict access to classified or dangerous areas.





Product Type: Prohibition Sign

Dimensions: Based on choice

Material: Acrylic / Aluminum composite

Orientation: Portrait / Landscape (Based on choice)

Text Colour: Photoluminescent

Background Colour: Photoluminescent

Shape Colour: Red

Symbol Type: General Safety

Recommended Fixings: Self Adhesive / Screw

Size Range: From 150mm to 1200mm (Based on Choice)

Alt Categories: Business types

Alt Subcategory: Business types//retail safety signs

Stock Status: Plenty in stock (more than 100)

Material Background Colour: Photoluminescent

Additional information


Acrylic, Aluminium Composite


150mm x 200mm, 200mm x 300mm, 300mm x 450mm, 400mm x 600mm, 600mm x 900mm, 800mm x 1200mm

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